Grow your business, not your administration.



Standard transactions can be automated, saving many hours bookkeeping every week.


Multiple people can access the relevant data at their convenience.


Get a clever overview of your position in real time.

Six major benefits of cloud accounting


You can work from any computer or mobile device.


No server or maintenance, no upgrade costs, reduced cost of bookkeeping, more time to do work you love.


Data is backed up instantly. Updates are automatically applied.
Cloud accounting is one of five transformative shifts that will affect business in the next five years. 
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8 signs your traditional accounting system is holding you back

X You’re operating as efficiently as you can, but administration is still a significant overhead.

X You’re busy doing paperwork when you could be bringing in new customers.

X It’s hard to find clarity on where revenue is going.

X Intelligent, motivated staff are stuck with boring, repetitive tasks when they could be out creating value for the business.

X Backups are a hassle and sometimes not done. There’s a lot of risk sitting in one or more ageing computers.

X Sending data to your accountant is done via email or thumb drive. This data could cause massive headaches in the wrong hands. It also takes time for your accountants to do anything with this data.

X You want to grow in the next 12 months, but you’re bumping up against capacity issues.

X Mistakes and lack of attention to detail make it hard to trust the figures you’re seeing.

Do you know that
1 out of 6 small businesses are already using
cloud accounting?

Watch how Cloud Accounting can transform your business

The cloud brings efficiencies and possibilities that change the way business and accounting can be done. As accountants, our mission is to keep you informed of new developments.

Moving to the Cloud is simple and pain free.

1. Choose your platform

2. Switching made simple through RSM

3. Automate everything


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