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At 37 years of age, Phil, a client of ours, was a senior Bank Manager with two young children of school age when he unexpectantly suffered a heart attack. 

With trauma cover in place, Phil was able to make a claim and received a lump sum payment of approximately $260,000 to cover immediate medical expenses and other financial needs. Whilst he was able to return to work roughly one month after the incident, his trauma payment enabled him to significantly reduce his mortgage. In turn, this then allowed him to reduce his workdays from five down to four, as work-related stress was identified as one of the contributors to his heart attack.  

After collapsing during his heart attack, Phil damaged his teeth but was able to use the remainder of the funds to promptly pay for some needed dental work and still had enough money to put aside an emergency fund in the bank, ensuring he had financial back-up in the future if his health failed him again. 

It is very unlikely that Phil would have had any entitlements under workers compensation, as the heart attack occurred outside of work and his heart attack, whilst partly blamed on work related stress, was also due to poor diet and lack of exercise.

If you become sick or injured as a result of your job, you may be eligible for workers compensation. However, solely relying on this as a form of protection could leave you in a spot of trouble if your claim doesn’t qualify. 

Workers compensation is your employer’s insurance and while you may receive benefits, you are not the primary beneficiary. For a secure future both inside and outside of work, find out what cover you really need. Don’t leave it until it’s too late, calculate your cover now.



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